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Become A Bikini Contributor

Contributors and Models

Our customers are the best models!  If you would like to be featured in your very own gallery on our website wearing our sexy G-Strings or Bikinis, please submit at least 8-10 Instagram or Facebook friendly images (No Nudity or Suggestive Pictures).

Photos can be submitted via We Transfer, with email address

Please try to keep each gallery all of the same piece, either your MGG bikini or g-string.

In message please include social media platforms you would like to be added to your gallery to help you gain more followers. Please provide a NAME, we will no longer be using IG handles in the titles. 

First approved gallery receives a coupon code for 50% off your next purchase.  Submit 3 galleries of different items and receive a free bikini!

Approved galleries must include:

  • Must be Facebook or Instagram Friendly
  • The same item (either bikini or G-string).  Approved accessories are our belly chains, crop top/t-shirts, or hat
  • Only Micro Gigi Attire – if your gallery includes an item from another bikini company, it will be rejected.
  • Please avoid all photos being too up-close; a few is okay, but please keep it appropriate. Refrain from most photos of bent over position.
  • Full frame and full body is much appreciated, along with photos of you doing your favorite beach/pool/boating activities!
  • Sheer Bikinis and G-Strings: If gallery is too revealing or inappropriate, we reserve the right to decline (i.e., photos can not be edit to blur, or item is shown in an incorrect usage). 
  • *Sale and discontinued items are not eligible for discount and may not be used for galleries. 

Thank you for the on going support of our small business!



Mico Gigi Contributors…

The Fine Print:

Approved Gallery means photos fall within our guidelines of no nudity or suggestive gestures.  Galleries must include Micro Gigi attire.

For free bikini, galleries submitted must include different items.  Free Bikini offer has no cash value and cannot be returned in exchange for money.

By submitting photos, you are allowing us to use the photos on Social Media, Website, and Promotional Flyers.

We reserve the right to not accept galleries or photos for use.